How to Write Your Own Affirmations

You are far more likely to achieve a goal if your internal dialogue compliments it. Writing your own affirmations is simple and can be powerful if used daily. 

Step 1

Take one goal you have for this month or the next 90 days. What do you have to believe/behave like in order to achieve it?

Example of a goal:

To launch a new product by Friday 7th January 2022.

In order to achieve this someone would require the beliefs that they are decisive and driven, creative, successful in business, excellent at what they do, high-achiever or ambitious.

The behaviours required to achieve this goal could be; staying calm, being hard working, opportunistic, positive, strong, resilient, persistent, focused and innovative. 

Step 2

Add I am, or I create, or I attract, etc. in front of the behaviour or belief required to achieve your goal. This creates your bespoke affirmation!

Behaviour / Belief required Affirmation
Decisive and driven I am decisive and driven
Creative I ooze creativity
Resilience Resilience comes naturally to me
Opportunistic I am open to all opportunities


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