We're OCCO, a brand for creatives based in the UK.

We’re also a community that believes mindset is a key factor for creating success. Journals and deskpads won’t change the world on their own. But with a slow-down-to-speed-up spirit, the individuals who use them can.

Our creative community treats every day like it’s made for making a difference, and we’re always pushing to do better too. Like designing tools that empower creatives to live a life of high-performance happiness*.

*High-performance happiness

the state of being happy whilst performing to a high standard.


The thinker.

The creative genius behind the visual identity of the brand and the creation of the products.

When Clare's not designing products or looking for more ways to help people, she'll be found drinking Earl Grey tea, hiking in the Lake District or wild swimming.

OCCO London founder Clare Heneghan


The maker.

Handling all things to make it happen! Commercial operations and business strategy and everything in between.

When Ollie's not at his desk, he'll either be out for a run, on his bike, or in the pool... endurance sport obsessed.

OCCO London founder Ollie Godwin


The adventurer.

Motivating the team to achieve OCCO's goals.

On Squiggle's day off, she'll be found exploring, swimming in the river or running after Ollie.

OCCO London head of motivation

From burnout to business.

Unknown to each other at the time, Ollie and Clare were both working as designers in London.

Ollie was designing the theatre sets for Bat Out of Hell: The Musical, Dream Girls: The Musical, and The Nutcracker Ballet, whilst Clare was designing retail spaces for Tanqueray, Cadbury, Lacoste, Sipsmith etc. to name a few.

Ollie's Work

Theatre Design

Photo credit: Specular

Clare's Work

Event Design

Photo credit: CircleSquare

Clare's work

Retail Design

Ollie's Work

Theatre Design

Clare's work

Retail Design

Photo credit: CircleSquare

They both experienced high levels of stress, pressure, and exhaustion.

They couldn't continue living this way; their "success" was destroying their mental and physical health. They both experienced burnout. Clare was medically diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and Ollie suffered from suicidal thoughts.

Arriving back in the Cotswolds, Ollie and Clare first met on a Bumble date. Over the next three years, they both worked with therapists and life coaches to become themselves again; happy, healthy, and medication-free.

Having tested out hundreds of mindset "hacks", mindfulness practices and CBT techniques, Ollie and Clare came up with the idea to share their knowledge... and launched OCCO in 2021.

(Ollie, Clare, Clare, Ollie)

Empowering creatives through mindset and beyond.

OCCO was born out of suffering.

Ollie and Clare don't want other creatives to suffer as they did. Their experience of burnout could have been prevented if they had access to OCCO's tools.

OCCO's tools are designed to help anyone with a creative mindset (designers, artists, performers, and musicians) perform at a high level and be happy and healthy.

Journals and deskpads that help you find ways to deal with the joy and struggles of living creatively.