Creative Bundle

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Introducing our Creative Bundle—the ultimate collection of productivity tools for creatives who want to make the most out of their day! Designed to help you achieve your goals and stay focused, this bundle includes a morning mindset journal, a weekly planner, a priority pad, and a could do pad.

Start your day on the right foot with our Morning Mindset Journal, a guided journal that helps boost health and wellbeing. With seven simple steps to follow, you'll feel more energised and ready to take on the day.

Stay on top of your schedule with our Weekly Planner, featuring a clean and functional design that will help you plan your week ahead. Organise your tasks, set priorities, and stay focused on what matters most.

Our Priority Pad and Could Do Pad are perfect for those who need to manage multiple projects and tasks. Use the Priority Pad to keep track of your most important tasks, and the Could Do Pad to capture all of your creative ideas and potential projects.

Our Creative Bundle also comes in a premium gift box, making it the perfect gift for any creative entrepreneur in your life. And the best part? All of our tools are undated, so you can start using them whenever you're ready and for as long as you like.

  • A5 hardback journal
  • 100% lay-flat binding
  • Premium vegan cover
  • FSC-certified 110gsm ivory paper

Colour: Studio Green
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Frequently Purchased With:

Morning Mindset Journal

Start your busy day with a calm and positive mindset.

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Increase focus and productivity

Accomplish your goals

Create work-life balance

Improve wellbeing

Develop healthy habits


Morning Mindset Journal

Weekly Planner

Priority Pad

Could Do Pad

Premium gift box


Premium vegan cover

FSC-certified 110gsm ivory paper

100% Lay Flat Binding

OCCO London morning mindset journal sat with other OCCO London products

High performance healthy habits

The Founders Bundle has everything you need to create habits that will accelerate you towards realising your personal and professional potential.

Perform at your best

Create a work-life balance, achieve your goals, boost productivity and minimise stress, anxiety and exhaustion. You will discover how to perform at your best - without sacrificing happiness.

A collection of OCCO London products sat on oak desk
Collection of OCCO London products

Mindset matters

The Founders Bundle is the total package of tools to take you from average to amazing, from unhappy to happy, and from unhealthy to fit and strong by helping your focus on the important areas in your life and business.

How it works

We've rounded up the best and most powerful tools to use every single day. Use these for 30 days straight to see and feel a difference.

1. Each morning, create mental headspace for the day ahead with the Morning Mindset Journal. (Tip; Whilst meditating/journalling jot down any tasks that pop up onto The Priority Pad.)

Prioritise your daily/weekly tasks using the Priority Pad.

Review your Weekly Planner, checking in with your goals and adding priority tasks as required.

Outline your daily tasks using the Could Do Pad.

Your day just got X10 easier.

Frequently asked questions

What product are included in The Founders Bundle?
- The Morning Mindset
- The Weekly Planner
- The Could Do Pad
- The Priority Pad
How long does The Founders Bundle last for?
Each product in the bundle is used at a different frequency for different lengths of time therefore last for slightly different lengths of time.

The Morning Mindset Journal:
3 months of consecutive daily use

The Priority Pad:
3 months of consecutive daily use

The Could Do Pad:
6 months of consecutive daily use

The Weekly Planner:
12 months of consecutive weekly use
What are The Founders Bundle products made of?
The Founders Bundle products are made from 110gsm ivory FSC-certified paper, with cotton-based vegan covers.
The Morning Mindset Journal has the addition of two cotton ribbons.
How long does it take to use each day?
Each product in the bundle is used at a different frequency for different lengths of time.

The Morning Mindset Journal:
Daily Use: 10-15mins

The Priority Pad:
Daily Use: 10-15mins

The Could Do Pad:
Daily Use: 5mins

The Weekly Planner:
Weekly Use: 10-15 mins
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